The world may feel as though it has been turned on its head,
but you don’t have to!


FREE Global Online Speaker Summit

Learn from fifteen thought leaders how to navigate through life with grace and ease, no matter what is going on around you, so that you can heal, transform and be the change you want to see in the world.

At times right now, it can feel as though the rulebook of life has been thrown away and the world is in chaos. Things that were previously predictable and reliable no longer appear to be working in the same way and for many of us, this changing landscape can feel extremely uncomfortable. Many people feel rudderless – unable to navigate through these new and uncharted waters of life – stuck in a void.

From this place, you may struggle to move forward with projects and goals, relationships and purpose. You may not even feel like yourself any more. Many people want to be the change they would like to see in the world but just don’t know how to start and at times may think it is pointless. Technologically, we are more connected than we have ever been and yet personally we can feel less connected, leaving us with a sense of emptiness or that something is missing.

Don't look back, you're not going that way.....

 Join this Breaking Through the Void summit in which these pioneering speakers share incredible tools, knowledge, personal experiences and scientific research to explain why we are feeling like we are and to demonstrate ways in which we can reconnect with each other and the world at large, so that we can regain our focus and trust in ourselves to move forward joyfully with our lives and to start to work together to address the issues which we are collectively facing right now.

Use the tools, techniques and insights you will gain from the summit to break free and transform. Change how you view yourself and the world at large, and start a new chapter in your life.

This global speaker series is free to all registered attendees.

Here are your speakers:

Julia Seymour

Lynne McTaggart

Clare DuBois

Rollin McCraty

Simone Wright

Melissa Joy Jonsson

Jocelyn Mercado

Dr John Ryan

Dr Jack Pransky

Tanya Simmons

Alex Seymour

Tayria Ward

Dr Eric Pearl

Rachel Singleton

Dr John Simmons

This is a unique opportunity to study with these innovators by listening to their inspiring interviews and connecting with them and their work via their latest projects and offerings.
Ultimately, this is an opportunity to better understand yourself.

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The EXCLUSIVE interviews will take you on an uplifting journey as you immerse yourself in the following topics:

The capacity for human healing and connection through the miraculous power of group intention

Recovering your connection to messages in your dreams

Tapping into feminine consciousness to become a powerful change maker

Accessing the intuitive brain of the heart for balanced daily living in a transitioning world

The Global Coherence Initiative: what research is starting to show about human and earth connections

Aligned with grace: Using flower essences to clear and refine your soul energy

Finding balance during this time of polarities

Initiation: the mystical journey from self to soul

Reconnective Healing: What if healing is more than you thought?

The health revolution - a return to vitality

The Three Principles: the best kept secret in well being

Healing and breaking free from convention with psychedelics

Human Evolution, The Ascension and Quantum DNA - What is Happening on Planet Earth ?!

Integrity and field flow